Nicci Briann | About

-Visually Speaking-

Photography is a language for Nicci that allows her to capture the movement of moments and time. Guided by wanderlust and instinct, Nicci explores issues of humanity in the most intimate of senses by capturing the transcendence of beauty and the ephemeral nature of life in every experience.


-Hybrid Identity-

Nicci broadens the artistic, emotional and intellectual borders of her cultural diversity, ever-expanding her consciousness into the importance of affirming lives and identity, challenging herself to defy obstructive norms while producing thought provoking pieces in all subject matters. 


With a B.A. in Art and Psychology Nicci combines her humanistic interests in people with capturing the essence of life around her. Currently working on a Masters of Arts in Counseling and Art Therapy, Nicci continues to explore emotion and connections through her visual subjects.


Available for: Documentary, Lifestyle, Portraits, and Events.

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