Nicci Briann: Blog en-us (C) Nicci Briann (Nicci Briann) Wed, 16 Aug 2017 18:05:00 GMT Wed, 16 Aug 2017 18:05:00 GMT Nicci Briann: Blog 86 120 Defining my Niche as a Documentary-Lifestyle Photographer Sometimes we go  around full circle to bring us right back where we need to be. I've spent months witnessing my work evolve. I went from being a schooled black and white film photographer shooting candidly out in the streets to having my own studio space for traditional work to doing fineart portraits.

Although I love the creative style and knowledge I have gained, I have come to realize something is missing in the communication when speaking to clients about my style and the work I want to put out there; work that is my photographic Niche.

One of these missing pieces is having people actually understand the style and direction of my photography when I am approached for a photo session. I thought it would be helpful to share this information because it is important that clients are on the same page and understand the style and way that I work.

I have done a lot of experimenting with my photography this past year and it is apparent that I am able to work in multiple formats. However, I don't necessarily enjoy it all. I love photography and I love creating, but I have left many sessions feeling disappointed because I knew I wasn't capturing moments that align with the direction of where I want my photography to be.

I currently have unshared photos that are amazing, but it isn't where I want to continue my photographic direction. Although I am capable of doing studio portraits, traditional, fineart, nature and travel work and will shoot in these formats from time to time, my greatest interest  is in documentary, lifestyle and street photography. I love capturing life as it unfolds. 


(Photos taken from A Visit with Grandma)

I am a story teller at heart and my passion is in telling stories through my lens to preserve memories. For me I enjoy shooting what moves me and anticipating moments that go unseen by others as I observe people in their natural environments.

As a documentary and lifestyle photographer what this means for you as a client is you are allowing me to be in your space intimately as you go about your day while I candidly snap away at the honest, organic and authentic moments of your life with my creative vision. I won't direct the session unless I am capturing a specific moment while guiding you into a certain movement or activity for aesthetic value and/or portrait.

A session could be anywhere and consist of as few or as  many moments in your life; from a large community event, to you laying in your room pondering, getting ready for the day, writing in your journal, playing an instrument, an outing with a loved one, waking up with your kids, the birth of your child, a day at the park or in your home, your child's first bath, crawl and walk, teaching your children how to cook, playing a sport, a visit with grandparents and family, a vacation, a birthday party, an engagement proposal, a wedding. They are portraits and snapshots of your life.

Essentially it is your story and legacy documented photographically and professionally for you to be present in the moment with yourself and your loved ones. Capturing the human condition is what brings me happiness as a photographer.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation or having me as your photographer I can be reached at 773-234-6960 or via emal at to discuss session details, dates and rates. I hope to connect with many of you soon to share these memories and special moments of your life with you.

With love and light,



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Mrs. & Mrs. Castillo  

This past year I had the opportunity to photograph a special wedding ceremony of my dear friends mother. As I spent the day documenting the day  from morning until the evening, I was happy to be witnessing and capturing these intimate moments for the Castillo's to look back on and remember for years to come.

Enjoy these memories!

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Lorello Wedding  

On November 21st I was able to not only photograph, but witness the joy that Mr. & Mrs. Lorello brought to others.

When I first spoke to Mr. and  Mrs. Lorello we exchanged phone calls and I gathered details of what they wanted captured as they would be having a nontraditional wedding. I immediately knew this would be relaxed as the two were both humble in spirit. Upon meeting Mr. and Mrs. Lorello I was welcomed with excitement and felt the good times that were to come. While their guests arrived, faces lit up beaming of happiness as they were greeted with great love and affection. 

After hearing that the two have known each other since high school and the words shared by their friends and children I knew these two found something very special that is often hidden in plain sight.

Real Unconditional Love

Congratulations  Mr. & Mrs. Lorello

It was a pleasure capturing the energy in the room on your memorable evening.





Mr. & Mrs. Lorello 


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8 months Maternity Shoot with Yenni I first met Yenni at my dear friends wedding. As I observed her and her partner taking photos of her baby bump I knew I wanted to capture her baby joy. It wasn't until weeks later that I saw Yenni again where we exchanged information to do a maternity shoot. On the day of our shoot I found out that the original location had been closed so I quickly improvised by utilizing the nature space in the area. Thankfully Yenni was in good health and happy to do some short walking to shoot in two locations. 


I guided Yenni through a few poses and her first maternity shoot with little Xavi Noel waiting inside. As I smiled with nearly every photo captured, before we left I showed Yenni a few of the photos from our shoot and was happy to hear that she loved them.

Here are a few of the photos from our session. Thank you Yenni for allowing me to capture these moments. 


Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel

Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel Yenni 8 months with Xavi Noel



View full gallery at


If you would like to schedule an appointment with me and connect for your maternity, newborn, milestone, or engagement photos feel free to reach me via email at: so we can discuss your needs and services. 


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The Travelers          Normally after work I pick a spot to venture off to with my camera, on this particular day I sat on a bench in Lincoln Park surrounded by luxury apartments and the richness of nature. Behind me a young man tide up his slackline and proceeded to walk gracefully between the trees. I occasionally looked back at him contemplating if I should walk over and ask to give it a try. I would have if it wasn't for the three travelers that immediately gained my attention. They walked past in exhaustion hauling their gear and dogs as I smiled at them wondering why they lived like they do.  

         I wasn't sure if I would walk up to them, but after telling my partner about my curiosity I finally went over to them as a suited man with a pug approached them. I heard the man say, "you are only young once" before he called one of the boys over to give him something. As I walked over too them I asked the girl if it was ok to pet the dog as it began to walk towards me. I asked how they ended up in the park and what brought them to living in their conditions. The boy who spoke to the suited man came closer explaining that his journey recently began, but they were headed west and chose to live the way they do for numerous reasons. The other two have been traveling for nearly 5 years on and off.

         He said the man in the suit gave them $60 dollars and they wondered if I knew of any stores in the area. As I thought about the stores I knew around his dog was nudging at my leg to pet its head. Steve was surprised at how she warmed up to me and mentioned that he rescued her from Wicker park not long ago. In the midst of asking if I could take a picture of their dogs he noticed my camera letting me know I could. I quickly kneeled in to snap a shot of the other dog and turned around to witness Steve's bond with his dog Time. 

         After taking these pictures I asked if there  was a way to send the photos to Steve and wished them well with finding the store before the storm came in. While walking down the trail I turned around back towards the gazebo where they took shelter and asked if they would like a ride.

         It would have taken them one hour to walk to the store after walking all day to find shelter. I helped the three of them with a ride to Trader Joes and 7-11 to grab food with the money the man gave them. In the 15 minute ride I learned that all of them were full of so much kindness. Sue the girl use to volunteer at an animal shelter that provides medical care specifically for animals of travelers. I asked how they were able to survive and make money other than from generous people. She said they are often misunderstood so much that it is hard for them to re-enter society in the work force and obtain apartments so they continue to travel while becoming accustomed to the lifestyle, but they were working towards completing their band since they perform music to generate money. I shared a little bit of my story before I dropped them off back to the gazebo where Sues boyfriend waited. We met as strangers and left as friendly acquaintances. Most tend to know them as "gutter punks" ... I'll always remember them as great people. 

... and Animals :)


“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” 
― Mark Twain





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Dear Brother Dear Brother,

You are teaching me more than you can even understand right now. I never thought the responsibilities I'd have to uphold would include having you live with me in my care. You remind me so much of myself and yet so much of who you have become is changing as you grow to being who you are meant to be. Even though you can cause some headaches as you go through your teenage hormones I would rather help you learn through your experiences than to watch you figure it out alone. 


You and I are going to get through all that is happening... one day at a time. I'd be a fool not to admit that I am nervous stepping up in this role, but I am also happy that I get to be there for some of the biggest moments in your life.


If you ever read this know that as long as I am here, you will have me by your side. I love you Dom.

Always and Infinitely,

Your Big Sis (Twin)

The day of a dear friends wedding, my brother and I snuck off into the woods for a few minutes to see if the trail went further. We would have gone off to explore, but we wanted to dance and celebrate. I captured some photos of him looking around before we left.


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First Beach Day of the Summer 7-30-15

I sat basking under the sun with my brother and partner next to a giant hole a few kids dug in the sand before we arrived. Meanwhile a young boy kicking a giant beach soccer ball quickly ran past trying to stop his ball before it hit us. I smiled at the boy who continued to hang around our little fortress of relaxation as he spotted the hole. He looked at me and quietly asked if he could play in it. Happily laughing I tell him "of course you can!"... only to watch him jump up excitedly and call over two other boys. They all immediately hopped in and out as they tried to figure out how they would cover themselves in the sand. The discoverer looked at me again asking if I would help put sand over them. After seeing their relatives near by I joined them in their mission. I continued to witness and enjoy the release of their laughter snapping a few pics for memories. 

There are many unseen moments of bliss happening nearly every second. So often we walk past strangers and miss out on experiences that can ultimately bring us happiness even if for a brief moment. Take the time to truly appreciate everyone around you that exudes the purity of life. 

I may never cross paths with these bright young boys, but their light and joie de vivre will always be cherished.


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